Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pepsi contest

This was my entry for the "Pepsi 2012 Calendar Contest".
Made this back in January.
I didn't win though!!
My reaction when i came to know that mine wasn't selected.....
                                                            [*sob*  i didnt get selected]
[hmphh!! could they!!]
                                                    [whatever!! their loss anyway ..*pff*]

No offence to whoever won the prize, guess i was being too naive about winning though...probably because it was my first time participating in an online contest (T_T).Anyways.....thought i'll just make a few expressions...i haven't made any changes in the body of the character.


  1. loved every piece of work u've done!been watching u do this since my childhood! ur a pro at this now!!:D way to go elle:)