Monday, 12 March 2018

Figuring things out?

I've been struggling a bit with drawing and creating artworks recently. Can't seem to get my hands moving on least not the way I used to a few years ago. This mental sulking has been going on for quite a long time now and I've decided I have to tackle this somehow. Ignorance is not helping anymore.

I work as a graphic designer and I have been doing this for the last 4 years now. Got into it right after college though I studied multimedia and specialized in 3d animation.

I always sketched for as long as I can remember.

Drawing was my secret escape from everything..something I loved doing the most. First year of college was all foundation in drawing and I learnt so much. I used to mindlessly doodle, concepts I could later develop into a digital artwork, in my sketchbook. Finishing a sketchbook was never a thing I did consciously. It just happened.

 After college, I started working as a graphic designer and this was a completely different environment for me.I learnt a lot of things.
I got better at using Illustrator and making posters and logos.

Time went by and somewhere along the line I lost that urge in me to sketch the way I used to. I would love to get it back and draw to my heart's content. There's this restlessness I feel in whatever I do because I've been ignoring it for too long and now I don't think I can anymore.

Youtube searching "artist-block solution" videos or looking at other illustrators and trying - to get inspired, etc. haven't helped much for me. Mostly just led to procrastinating.

I've started reading this book called "Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing". Finding it quite helpful so far. The best part is that its not just reading through, there are exercises that we can do in each chapter with step by step guidance on what to do.

(the book's available on amazon if you're interested)

Posting here is also something I'm trying out as a part of this.
No one might ever come across this but I'm getting it out of my head and that is helping me. 👀😇

Saturday, 10 March 2018


She was my 6 year old yellow lab. She died last year on July 9th from Cancer. 
I remember when we first got her home she was just a month and a half old. I used to be scared of dogs back then. She came along and changed everything.Now she's left me with so much love and an aching heart.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Random things.

Them feels:
Feels like just a few days back that I got out of college and started working. Time flies. I remember how I was too skeptical about using Illustrator after having used Photoshop all through college. Now I can't do without it. (Photoshop is cool too..just saying)

If Behance was a place I would totally go live there. Check it out if you've not come across the site. I'm on it 24/7.

I've been exploring brush pens recently and I just love it. I've been trying to do the 30 day drawing challenge. Missed a few days but not giving up :) The goal is to keep drawing everyday. Hopefully will get better at it!

Heidi(my dog)is five years old now. Still the same curious, hungry, playful puppy that she was but much fatter. Its fur shedding season and there's fur everywhere. Its a spectacle to see her running around with a trail of fur following her as she goes.

Its actually raining in Hyderabad. Summer this year was cut short and its been all pleasant and lovely here.

Starting again from Monday. This time I'm seriously doing it. I follow Blogilates - By Cassey Ho She's got it all planned out perfectly with videos for each day of every month throughout the year. All you have to do is follow the calendar and do it with her. And that is what I'm going to do. Easier said than done, though. Let's see.

That's all folks.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

When I posted the earlier work " Saturdays ", my friend , Krishna Chaitanya gave a vivid description of how he spends his Saturdays and I just had to illustrate it.
So here it is. Just lazing out on the couch , multitasking.
A typical Saturday.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

This is  inspired by the google doodle today : Music : Clair De Lune by French composer , Claude Debussy.

Monday, 19 August 2013

work in progress

So I am posting this thumbnail of something I'm trying to finish right started off as a really tiny doodle in my sketchbook,then after a year I find it and decide to make something out of it.So I scan the drawing and fill it up with basic colors.Then I leave it among many other PSD files,incomplete and forgotten and almost a year later I find it again and (..I feel terrible about being so lazy so..) this time I'm all set on completing it !!!!

Friday, 16 August 2013



It keeps raining everyday and I am falling sick again !! My throats all sore , I have a cold and thanks to all this , I sound like a croaking toad.